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Submit your nominations online

Nominations can be made online - through a yearly open call (Winter/Spring). If you would like to be informed about this open call - please join our Mailing List


NOMINATIONS by professors/teachers: February 13th - May 5th 2023

Deadline for Nominated Students/Candidates submission is May 24th.
(Deadline for submission of French Theatre is June 6th.)

Each institution may nominate up to two candidates in each discipline category, except in classical vocal performance, which is limited to one candidate per nominator. To nominate the first candidate, use this link.  To nominate a second candidate, use this link.

Eligibility criteria

Candidates must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents. For undergraduate level grants, candidates must be nominated by the Canadian post-secondary institution at which they will be studying. For the graduate grant in classical voice, a candidate can be nominated by a university, training institution or recognized teacher anywhere in the world.

Adjudication process

Grants will be awarded on the basis of exceptional promise for a distinguished career in performance. Expert adjudicators in each discipline will evaluate the nominees based on audition on-line videos.

Use of the grants

The money can cover tuition, living expenses, books and materials required by the program of study.

Responsibilities of recipients

Candidates can be nominated by only one institution; must use the grant for the sole purpose for which it was approved; must return unused funds to the Foundation if studies are abandoned.

Responsibilities of the institutions

Institutions must nominate candidates using the online system. Candidates cannot self nominate.


Eligible level of studies and other requirements vary depending on the artistic discipline. See the guideline for each discipline category for specific eligibility criteria before registering online.

  1. Guidelines for Classical Music - Vocal Performance  (PDF)
  2. Guidelines for Classical Music - Piano  (PDF)
  3. Guidelines for Classical Music - Orchestral Instrument  (PDF)
  4. Guidelines for Jazz Performance - Instrumental or Vocal  (PDF)
  5. Guidelines for Contemporary Dance  (PDF)
  6. Guidelines for Acting English Theatre (PDF)
  7. Guidelines for Acting (French Theatre) (PDF)
  8. Guidelines for Young Conductor's Fellowship