The Hnatyshyn Foundation is incorporated as a national private charity. Its offices are located in Ottawa, Canada. The Foundation’s Board of Directors oversees policy, allocation of funds and investment of endowment income. The Board meets four times per year.

Independent artists, art professionals and representatives of art institutions, drawn from all regions of the country, provide advice on programming, candidate nominations and selections.


Gerda Hnatyshyn, C.C.

Board of Directors

  • Cynthia White-Thornley, Chair
  • Susan Aglukark
  • Alan Corbishley
  • Todd Burke, Secretary
  • Carl Hnatyshyn
  • Barbara Janes
  • Tony Tattersfield, Treasurer
  • Carol Prieur
  • William Saunderson
  • Haema Sivanesan
  • Wayne Baerwaldt
  • Y. A. George Hynna, Honorary Counsel

Honorary Patrons

  • Ann McCain Evans
  • Barbara Fischer
  • Vicki Gabereau
  • Oliver Jones, O.C.
  • Christopher Pratt, C.C.
  • Veronica Tennant, C.C.


  • René Blouin, C.M.
  • Geoffrey Farmer
  • Reesa Greenberg
  • Evelyn Hart
  • John Hastings, External Financial Advisor
  • Diana Leblanc
  • Phil Nimmons, O.C.
  • Joseph Rouleau
  • Kitty Scott


  • Director – Peter Frayne
  • Administrative Assistant –