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Sid Bobb

Sidd Bobb

“Sid's artistic focus and efforts have been on strengthening the platform for children, youth and women.”

Combining his cultural knowledge, experience as an arts organization leader, educator and theatre artist, Sid Bobb has been committed to helping bring Indigenous stories and culture to the forefront. He is inspired by the transformative power of the rich artistic and cultural history of his Sto:lo / Metis ancestry and related communities. Sid's artistic practice is at the core of his individual, familial and nation's identity, continuity and forward vision.

Sid is the son of Lee Maracle of Tsleil Waututh First Nation and Raymond Bobb of Seabird Island First Nation. His family is rooted in a multi arts and intergenerational cultural practice. This artistic practice and knowledge transference happened in both a rural and urban context. Sid’s early experience was within a multi-generational context, with an awareness and commitment to countering the historic and continuing negative impacts of colonialism.

Over the past 15 years, Sid's artistic focus and efforts have been on strengthening the platform for children, youth and women. Historically, a Salish man's role is to uphold and support the women in their family and community. With the intergenerational impact of the continuing colonialism, breaking the veils of gender inequality and marginalization of children has been a major focus of Sid and Aanmitaagzi's efforts. This is noted in the women's focus in the narrative of their many community-engaged arts projects and the artistic roles created for, women, children and youth. For nine years he has also been host of CBC televisions award winning program, Kid's Canada. Performing for and with children is also a mutually necessary and enriching experience.

Sidd Bobb is a Sto:lo/Salish actor and writer from Seabird Island First Nation.