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Jaime Black

Jaime Black

“The knowledge of where I come from is in my bones and in my blood. The result of this knowing is, oftentimes, pain. It is out of this place that I create and become a vehicle for healing.”  --  Marjorie Beaucage

My work is situated in an understanding of the body and the land as sources of historical and cultural knowledge and is centered around themes of memory, identity, place and resistance. I am interested in the body/land as sites of social and political struggle, sites of memory and as vulnerable and often contested spaces. I am interested in the ways in which we can re-establish agency and resilience through interactions between the land and the body.

My most recent photo based work, Conversations with the Land explores the relationship between the land and the body. This project involves direct interactions between the body/subject and the landscape, drawing on the traditional land based practice of Indigenous cultures. Performative acts, encounters and elements of installation combine to create images that engage with notions of Indigenous identity, evoking cultural memory by asserting cultural ties to the land. This work also seeks to ground and identify women as the central support of strong social structures (matriarchal gathering/hunting cultures) and posits a present and future where women embody this position.

Jaime Black is a Metis visual artist working in Winnipeg, Manitoba.