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Morgan Asoyuf

Morgan Asoyuf

I create one of a kind jewelry that is completely handmade from start to finish.

I use the German technique of hollow building to produce layers and shadow. Starting with flat sheet the metal is shaped and soldered. I am both a purist and an experimenter. I handmake all my tools, melt and pour metal, make my wire and sheet. I use experimental textures and construction to see how far I can bend the ideas of form. I am involved in every process of creating a piece, doing my own gem setting and stone cutting. I don't care about the time I care about the quality. About doing justice to the art form.

Always a book lover, I studied many different eras and became obsessed with Art Nouveau (Mucha and Lalique), Egyptian goldsmithing, and Hellenistic art.

Beyond my personal interest of historical art and the processes that create it, I care deeply about the forwarding of traditional Tsm’syen art and culture.
Each piece tells a story. Designs depict animal crests that tell the stories of familial rank and migratory paths over many generations. Using hand engraving for the traditional Tsm’syen forms, I then use color and textures to show different aspects of this visual storytelling.

Northwest coast art is transformative. Creating it allows me to speak in silence and feel connection to my ancestors.

This is why teaching the next generations is such a huge part of my life, because this art form brings healing.

Morgan Asoyuf is a jeweller  of the Eagle Crest, Tsm'syen Nation , Lax Kwallams band, from Port Simpson, B.C.