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Tara Williamson

Tara Williamson

“My artistic practice is based on the goals of diversity and sustainability.”

By diversity, I mean that I want to continue to explore various ways of using my skills as a musician and writer. I have composed music for performance art, facilitated songwriting workshops, recorded and released albums as an individual and collaboratively with other artists, and I have formalized a mentorship relationship with Tomson Highway to write a musical. Sustainability in my practice means fostering good relationships with other artists, producers, and granting organizations so that I am able to maintain my practice for a lifetime.

I will be releasing a new album in the fall of 2016 and have plans for another album in 2017. I will also be completing and workshopping the musical “Kwe” in the next year and I have started writing a series of short stories based loosely on traditional Anishinaabe stories. I am interested in composing a choral piece in Anishinaabemowin that would hopefully be ready for the next album. This grant would give me the opportunity to continue a diverse arts practice while giving me the space to develop and nurture new ideas for future projects.

Tara Williamson is a Cree musician living in Peterborough, Ontario.