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Niki (Nicole) Watts

Niki (Nicole) Watts

I grew up in a remote wilderness community on the central coast of British Columbia. My work references my experiences with the people, wildlife, and First Nations Cree and Nuxalk cultures. My art speaks to my experiences in this remote and pristine wilderness. I use my art as a way to speak out about issues Indigenous people encounter in Canada or as a way to address stereotypes around our culture.

Back home in Bella Coola, I was the little girl that everyone knew in my community who would save stray animals and rescue injured wildlife. I formed an interest in conservation and I knew I also wanted to include my passion for the conservation of wildlife into my works. My drawings and mixed media works often have merging figures of animals or people. It’s important for me to include wildlife in my art since we share the land with them.

I work in a wide array of mediums and art forms ranging from drawing, painting, paper cutting, collage, sculpture, and felting. My process involves me sketching down ideas as a way of researching ways to carry out my vision. My environmentalist and activist roots are apparent in the themes and imagery I explore in my work.

Niki (Nicole) Watts is a visual artist with Plains Cree roots, born and raised in Bella Coola, B.C.