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Raven Kanatakta Polson-Lahache

Raven Kanatakta Polson-Lahache

“Raven utilizes an Anishinabek song writing technique called ‘Song Lines’ where songs and melodies are created directly from the contours of the land.”

Raven is a collaborator, songwriter, song-keeper, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. A Mohawk and Algonquin roots musician, Raven is inspired by the land and his people. His work contributes to the celebration of Indigenous culture while seeking the challenge of expressing an authentic voice through art.
Raven utilizes an Anishinabek songwriting technique called ‘Song Lines’ where songs and melodies are created directly from the contours of the land. Raven combines Anishinabek tradition with modern songwriting to explore his musicality with Eurocentric and modern creative perspectives. This traditional-meets-modern approach allows him to directly unify his art by musically mapping melodies and rhythms of the land through landscapes and horizons; from mountains and valleys to the cityscapes of skyscrapers. He’s travelled from Australia to Norway, musically collaborating with other Indigenous artists –in a sharing of each others Song Lines.

Raven conducts youth workshops that incorporate music performance, empowerment, and identity. Connecting with Indigenous youth empowers his artistic capacity by contributing to community. Raven believes that unifying the tools of music and education creates healthier communities and societies.
Raven’s aspirations are to support his family through art and to reach larger audiences with his music unifying the human race in the face of war, colonization, injustice, poverty, and other adversities. Raven continues to connect with audiences raising the awareness that a diversity of culture through music is a celebration worth dancing to.

Raven Kanatakta Polson-Lahache is an Anishinabe (Algonquin)/Onkwehonwe (Mohawk) musician from Barrie, Ontario.