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Meghan Meisters

Meghan Meisters

“I’m happy in my ability to be truthful in my identity, both artistically and culturally.”

My artist name is iskwé (stems from my tradtional name, waseskwan iskwew). I'm an Alternative RnB/TripHop singer/songwriter/poet and have been working in the arts as a musician for over 12 years.

My arts practice is that of creating and performing music.  I’m a vocalist and have training in piano, music theory, voice and creative writing – all to which I use in my art form. My songs all come from a place of emotion, whether it is my own first hand, or emotion I recognize in others.  I use my voice to tell a story. My story, my sisters story, my friends story…a total strangers story.  My music is pretty diverse in genre at the end of the day, simply because that’s how I view emotion – there isn’t one set way to feel so there couldn’t possibly be one set way to create.

My cultural background absolutely influences my work, as it is simply a part of my being. I have mixed heritage, for which I am extremely proud.  I feel that this mixture has led me to find strength in identity that I often struggled with. That strength in identity comes through in my music as I feel I have nothing to hide in it.  I am comfortable baring all and sharing emotion from a truthful place, as my voice took me many years to fully discover. Now I’m happy in my ability to be truthful in my identity, both artistically and culturally.

Meghan Meisters is a musician from Winnipeg of Cree, Dene and Metis descent. She works in Toronto.