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George Littlechild

George Littlechild

“For the past thirty years I have created and made art that addresses historical and political issues that have affected the fabric of First Nations/Inuit/Metis Cultures.”

I have used my art as a healing tool to create awareness for people and situations in order to create a voice for those who are unheard.

I feel that my art with its vivid colours offers a spiritual connection and healing for the viewer.  Each piece I create tells a story and makes a connection to a time, event, situation and place.  I often paint portraits that focus on homage, respect and dignity.  My muses are vast; elders, dignitaries, men, women, children, and the world community.   

The gift of art is a powerful tool that offers a breadth of healing by osmosis and visually stimulates the mind, spirit, body, and emotional states.

In my First Nations teachings, these aspects of our humanity are all-encompassing and need to be given the utmost respect, as life itself is the greatest gift.
I use colours which have always been innate with me and my art practice.  The brightness and hues of each colour creates an unconscious shift and a healing that creates a stimulating response from the viewer, such as awareness, joy, and gratitude that cause connectedness to our spiritual selves.

George Littlechild is a Plains Cree artist working in Comox, B.C.