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Jason Hunt

Jason Hunt

“I come from a long line of carvers...”

My name is Jason Henry Hunt from the village of Tsakis on the northern tip of Vancouver Island BC. I come from a long line of carvers, in fact I apprenticed under my father Stanley Clifford Hunt who apprenticed under his father Henry Hunt. When I first started to carve I tried to distance myself from my family name as I felt it would be very difficult to make a name for myself being in the shadow of so many great artists. Twenty five years later I've been steadily carving and painting and building my own name to the point that I now actually use my middle name when I sign my work. I only recently started doing it as a sign of respect for my grandfather and to make sure people never forget who he was and the legacy he left with our family. I see myself as constantly striving to keep the standards he and my father set for me while taking the art form in my own direction at times as well.

I see now as I'm older and have been an artist for so many years that I've been lucky at times to be able to do what I love. The life of a carver is extremely rewarding but not an easy one by any means. It is an honour to share and carry on my family’s artistic tradition.

Jason Henry Hunt is a Kwaguilth carver working in Port Hardy, B.C.