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Liz Carter

Liz Carter

Visually expressing herself has been a lifelong commentary for Liz Carter. Drawing and painting came first, followed by an introduction to many different art forms and mediums in College. Not being able to settle with one medium, Carter creates work using an array of mixed media.

Liz Carter is a person of First Nations ancestry who has been displaced from her cultural roots, this has had a profound affect upon Carter's work as an artist. Carter explains, "It’s a life riddle" that has taken her upon a biographical journey full of unanswered questions about displacement and loss of tradition. Carter's search has uncovered a realm of commercial images of the 'Imaginary Indian' that profoundly impacts our perception. It has also revealed the determined struggle of Kwakwaka'wakw culture to carry forward ancient symbols and meanings into a contemporary life.

Carter's journey through the labyrinth of mixed meanings embedded within her Native ancestry and her blue-collared upbringing is driven by process. She uses culturally significant materials like wood, copper, buttons, and animal skins in new ways- with hints from the past and questions about how cultures are interpreted.

Liz Carter is a mixed media artist from Alert Bay residing in Campbell River.