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Mary Anne Barkhouse

Mary Anne Barkhouse

By combining the wild with the opulent, my work invites thought about evolution and the criticality of stable ecosystems, and by extension human communities.

I explore environmental concerns and indigenous culture through my mixed-media sculpture installations. I feel that it is critical for personal and cultural analysis on our relationship to land and how it can be improved for the future, from a political and environmental point of view.

My sculptural practice draws upon moments in colonial, contemporary and natural history to reflect on issues of sovereignty and survival. I use materials, such as bronze, porcelain, and velvet, for their associations with value, strength and authority. An example of this would be installations from the Boreal Baroque exhibition, which situate Canadian wildlife amongst furnishings inspired by designs typically produced in 18th century Paris.

Mary Anne Barkhouse is a sculptor and jeweller from the Nimpkish Band, Kwakiutl First Nation, from Alert Bay, B.C., currently living in Ontario.