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Please submit your curriculum vitae to Executive Director Kim Lymburner by email to director@rjhf.com.

Closing date: Your application must be received by July 16.

Title: Executive Assistant

Status: Regular, part-time (approx. 21 hours per week)

Location: 150 Isabella Street, Ottawa, Canada


Under the direction of the Executive Director, the Executive Assistant is responsible for providing administrative support to ensure the effective, efficient and accurate day-to-day operations of the Foundation.

The Executive Assistant also serves as Secretary to the President in support of the ongoing fundraising and networking activities of the Foundation; as well as recording secretary for the Board and committees.

Skills and Knowledge

The position requires discretion and sound judgment because of the sometimes confidential nature of communications between Board members or between the Foundation and patrons or other parties.

Strong attention to detail and a conscientious attitude, along with the ability to adapt to changes in work schedule and tight deadlines are essential.

Detailed knowledge of office software, including MSExcel and MSWord.

General knowledge of bookkeeping practices.

Strong technical skills, including a working knowledge of current communications technologies, including email and the Internet, as well as a working knowledge of online work tools (social media, file sharing tools, cloud software).

Ability to communicate in both official languages would be an asset.

General knowledge of the arts community and artistic practice is desirable.

Reporting and Working Relationships

The Executive Assistant

  • Reports to the Executive Director for the day-to-day operations of the Foundation;
  • Reports to the President in support of fundraising and networking activities;
  • Works closely with the auditor, treasurer and investment manager to monitor and document the financial activities of the Foundation;
  • Provides general support to the Board and committees; and
  • May also work with or monitor the work of external suppliers, contractors and volunteers.


The duties of the Executive Assistant can be divided into five key areas: office administration, maintaining financial records, internal communications, fundraising support, and administrative support for the Board of Directors.


  • Fields and processes all incoming phone calls, including general enquiries.
  • Monitors emails and mail and distributes or follows up as required.
  • Maintains filing system for all corporate records.
  • Maintains contact data and updates email address book including mailing address and telephone numbers.
  • Orders and maintains inventory of supplies.
  • Maintains and updates office/reference manual.
  • Participates in annual operational planning exercise.
  • Coordinates meetings.


  • Assists the Executive Director and the Treasurer in the preparation of the annual operating budget.
  • Maintains the Foundation’s accounts using bookkeeping software (Quickbooks and MS Excel) and enters all expenditures in QuickBooks accounting system ensuring that they are properly coded to facilitate year-end audit and charitable information return.
  • Verifies monthly bank and credit card statements and prepares monthly reports on expenses, monthly forecasts and budgets and assembles data on expenditures for the Auditor and the Executive Director.
  • Monitors cash flow and communicates with the bank(s) and the investment manager to arrange the periodic transfer of funds to the operations account of the Foundation. Makes bank deposits as required.
  • Prepares monthly payroll and cheques for employees as well as annual T-4 slips and records of employment. Forwards tax and other required deductions to CRA.
  • Prepares cheques for grant recipients and adjudicators.
  • Prepares cheques for the payment of supplier invoices.
  • Ensures rent, telephone and water are paid monthly.
  • Maintains accounts receivable data on donations and donors. Prepares acknowledgments and receipts and compiles year-end data on donations for the Auditor and prepares annual list of donors for the Annual Report and website.


  • Helps to coordinate and track promotion/dissemination of Foundation information related to prizes and programs (news releases, calls for participation, special announcements).
  • Develops mailing lists and databases for the promotion of Foundation programs, special events and fundraising.
  • Prepares special mailings, including annual reports.
  • Proofreads internal documents, program documents, news releases and website content.
  • Monitors Foundation website to ensure information is accurate and up to date.
  • Maintains Foundation stationery.


  • Works closely with the President to plan and coordinate fundraising events and organize meetings with potential donors, patrons and stakeholders.
  • Prepares special mailings for donors and patrons.
  • Helps to track and document fundraising opportunities.
  • Makes travel arrangements for President (if necessary).
  • Sends charitable tax receipts and letters of acknowledgment to donors.


  • Coordinates meetings of the Board and committees.
  • Compiles and circulates documentation in preparation for Board and committee meetings.
  • Takes notes at Board meetings and prepares drafts of minutes in a timely manner.
  • Maintains current Board Members’ contact information.
  • Updates Board Members’ profiles, appointments and term of office information.
  • Prepares orientation packages for new Board members.


Please submit your curriculum vitae to Executive Director Kim Lymburner by email to director@rjhf.com.

Closing date: Your application must be received by July 16.